Creative Marketing

It all started on a winter day in Dec 2019. In a cold weather, and the hot coffee on the table, we engaged some clients who’s find the difficulties in many sectors from human resources until tech development. Then we talks, drinks a cup of coffee then figuring out and help the clients to passed the obstacle then now they’re growing.

Assessed focuses on human resources and tech solutions. The company covers every company needs in this fast rapid tech era: from offshore tech staff and permanent staff into expatriate providers, and a group of human whom specialised in strategy, design, technology, and marketing work together to plan, write and produce internet, mobile, and the upcoming tech solutions for the clients.

Our Team

Muhammad Ilham

CEO and Founder

Dhimas Bayu Aji

CMO and Co-Founder

Wildan Maulana


Bamasatya H

Lead Engineer

Dimas Anugrahito

Lead Talent Acquisiton

Joanne Gracia

Digitial Marketing Asscoiate

Ki Agus Yudhi

Graphic Designer

Hendi Bertus

Product Designer

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